Pool Rules and Guidelines

Every Member is responsible for respecting and following the pool Rules and to make sure that their guests do the same. The lifeguards are responsible for the safety of the swimmers in the large pool and are expected to enforce the pool rules. Please respect their authority, cooperate accordingly, and if there is an issue or concern about the rules or how they are enforced please let us know; call the office, send an email, or speak to a board member. The lifeguards are NOT responsible for swimmers in the baby pool. These young swimmers must be accompanied by an adult. If you happen to see unsupervised children in the baby pool, please help us and clear the pool

Thank you and let's continue to have a safe summer here at GACC.

GACC Board of Directors

Bringing Back the 10-minute Break


Pool Parties will need to be scheduled at least 7 days in advance so we can make sure we have enough guards on duty. 

The guards have complete authority of the pool area, including the deck, diving boards and the pool itself. In order to maintain the integrity of the club, any verbal abuse, disrespect or ignoring a guard request is not allowed. They are here to make sure that everyone has a great experience and do have the right to ask a member to leave the club if they deem their actions to be in violation of GACC rules.

Once the pool is closed by the guard, it is CLOSED. No one is allowed to continue swimming in an unguarded pool.

Also, there will be no glass allowed anywhere around the pool deck, including the cabana. If you have any questions or concerns, the easiest and quickest way to communicate them would be to call the clubhouse office and speak to someone who can address your issue and/or get back to you with clarification.

At 10 minutes to every hour the lifeguards will call "everybody out - 10-minute break”, and clear the pool. During the break, the pool will only be open to adults 18 years and older. This gives the adults a break in the pool to relax, as well as a chance for the kids to get out, hydrated and fed. This is a forgotten tradition at Green Acres that we will reinstitute, and hope you will enjoy.​

The Pool Is: Closed